The Strain Of Success

To Western humanitarians the pace of progressive change in sub-Saharan Africa is glacial. They are tied to the scientific notion that without immediate analyzable results, project […]

When Sexual Assault Ripples Onto Children

We hope there is no longer any need to define sexual assault. It is a dirty act, often misunderstood, but never acceptable. What is often missed […]

The Hit And Miss of Domestic Violence

The only simple thing to understand about domestic and sexual violence is that it is wrong. It doesn’t matter what traditional, cultural or alcohol-fuelled-sports rationales you […]

Rape Stigma Campaign Spreading Throughout Africa

What started as an rape anti-stigmatization campaign by Harper Hill Global in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is being embraced by other African women’s […]

Humanitarian Awards Recognize Firdaus Kharas’ Body Of Work

Chocolate Moose Media (CMM) and founder Firdaus Kharas have been honoured today with three Humanitarian Outstanding Achievement Awards from the Accolade Competition for their body of […]

MASC: No Ordinary Award Winner

Just after lunch yesterday two members of Ottawa’s MASC organization stood in front of Anderson House’s massive fireplace in Washington D.C. to accept the International Spotlight […]

Maybe 2016 Wasn’t So Bad After All

  Finally, English-language media seems to have given up the “2016: The Worst Year Ever” storyline. Much of today’s news is about U.S. President Donald Trump’s […]
Polio: The Switch


This is a reprint of the story TMT News published in its magazine after it recognized CMM as Best Global Informative Short Film Producer ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Chocolate […]