Maybe 2016 Wasn’t So Bad After All

  Finally, English-language media seems to have given up the “2016: The Worst Year Ever” storyline. Much of today’s news is about U.S. President Donald Trump’s […]


  Modern media may have made communications ubiquitous but the process is nowhere yet near seamless. Imagine a Sierra Leone villager who speaks only Krio trying […]

Animation’s Social-Justice Potential Is Just Beginning

Since animation first became a commercial medium in 1892, it has taken on more personalities than almost any other cultural medium, and its potential is growing. […]

Zika: Precautionary Steps; Medidas de Precaução; Medidas de Precaución

    English On September 26, 2016, the Philippines became the 59th country to detect the Zika virus in local pregnant women. Officials at the Center […]

Angelique Kidjo’s Praise Of Prevention: Sublime And Angry

Halfway into Chocolate Moose Media’s In Praise of Prevention, the second of three animated videos aimed at Ebola and West Africa, Andrew Huggett’s score starts to […]

More Than Three Thousand Ways To Make The World A Better Place

    “Ah sori mama, sampa metcha gif pein,” is “I’m sorry mama for causing you this much pain” in Krio, the national language of Sierra […]


The following is the video and text of the convocation speech delivered by Firdaus Kharas after receiving an honorary Doctor of Laws degree from Carleton University […]

Ebola Video Has Potential Audience Of 400 Million Africans

The multi-cultural, multi-lingual vastness of Africa makes pan-continental communications a huge problem. During crises like the ongoing Ebola epidemic in West Africa, this can present as […]